Grooming Services

Servicing South Metro Denver, West of I-25 and South of Hampden

Soapy Dogs is a comprehensive mobile dog grooming salon on wheels. Whatever your pet needs to look fantastic, we are here to provide! Appointments are always required, so email today to set up a time.

Full-Service Grooming

We work with all dog and cat owners to ensure safety and comfort, keeping pets clean, tidy, and groomed without the hassle of dropping of your pet. Grooming includes:

  • Bathing
  • Nail & Coat Care
  • Eye Cleaning
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Brushing & Comb-Outs
  • Shampoo & Massage
  • Coat Trims
  • Hand Blow Dry

De-shedding & De-Matting Treatments

As pets are just as different as humans, so are their hair types. Many are short hair and many have long and naturally tangling fur. Our de-shedding shedding services remove the loose undercoat that leads to hair throughout your home, while de-matting removes clumped-up fur, which is common in smaller, longhaired dogs and double coated larger dogs.

Nail & Teeth Care

Properly groomed pets need properly groomed nails. That’s why we offer a safe and convenient nail trimming service to ensure that your pet feels no discomfort and has clean, evenly trimmed nails. Teeth brushing is provided as well using only the best toothpaste so your pet’s breath smells fresh and teeth shine bright.

Aloe Re-Moisturizing Treatments

This treatment is designed for dogs with dry skin or brittle coats. Once your pet has been bathed, we apply an aloe re-moisturizer then cover with warm cloths and allow the treatment to soak into the coat. After rinsing and drying, the treatment shows a definite improvement – your pet’s coat will be brighter, shinier, softer, bouncier, and easier to shed small debris.

Special Needs Pet Care

For older, injured, or disabled pets, we offer the special care they need and deserve. We are extremely gentle with our pets and offer a comfortable environment they feel safe in, without the presence of other animals. Hypoallergenic products are provided as well for pets with allergies.

From fur treatments to hair trimming, our professional groomers do it all. Contact us in Littleton, Colorado, to keep your pet looking his or her best.