Why is mobile grooming a better choice?

There is less stress for your pet and for you. You’ll never have to leave your pet in a strange, noisy place for hours at a time again. We have NO CAGES! The same experienced groomer will do your pet from start to finish, so grooming time is reduced (most breeds are done in 1-2 hours).

Do you groom cats?

We do lots of kitties! From a bath and brush-out to a “lion’s cut” we can do whatever you like. A “dry shampoo” is available for cats who don’t want a water bath. Many cats (long and short haired) also get the furminator treatment to reduce shedding.

How much experience do you have?

We’ve been in business since 2002 and have groomed over 30,000 pets. Our current staff of groomers each have an average of 4500 pets groomed while employed by us. That’s a lot of experience!

Do you do dematting?

We will do “light dematting” if your pet has only a few mats. Dematting is painful for your pet. If your pet is severely matted , we will usually have to do a “smoothie” and start afresh.

What is the “furminator”?

The furminator is a 3 part system comprised of shampoo and conditioner in a patented tool used to reduce shedding. It removes the undercoat (the part that sheds) and leaves you pet cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. When done regularly, it reduces shedding by 60%-80%.

Do you tranquilize pets before grooming?

We NEVER tranquilize a pet—it’s against our company policy. The rare pet that requires tranquilization is treated by the owner in consultation with his/her veterinarian before we arrive.